"Les Trophees" by Auguste Lepere

"Les Trophees" by Auguste Lepere

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Les Trophees, c. 1900, Auguste Lepere

Auguste-Louis Lepere (1849-1918) was one of the most beloved French engravers of his time, and resurrected the art of wood engraving. Trained in Paris as an engraver's apprentice at the age of twelve, he was a prodigal talent whose career took off in the 1870s when he first exhibited his landscape paintings. In 1884, he created his first original engravings, and quickly garnered praise in art circles in Europe and the US, receiving commissions to illustrate numerous books and magazines. A prolific artist, he produced over three hundred and fifty original works during his lifetime, and revolutionized the art world by combining wood engravings and etchings. 

Les Trophees is a stunning example of the artist's portfolio. No other better exemplifies what contemporary Rene d'Avril described as the "romantic ruggedness" of his work. In this wood engraving, a muscular centaur whisks off what appears to be a woman (but may also be a nymph) as he races away from the viewer. This combination of terror and desire, the human and the animal, the simplicity of the chiaroscuro and the complexity of the wood engraving creates a gripping and emotional piece that - like its mythological subject - continues to captivate today.

- Onastasia Youssef

Plate size: 8.25" x 5.5"

Sheet size: 11" x 7.25" 

Condition: In excellent condition, some small spots along the right and lower-right edges

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