Past Exhibits

Since 2007, Shaw Galleries in Downtown Pittsburgh has held over 50 successful solo-shows for artists throughout the tristate region! 


"Held a solo show here and had a great time."

- Brad Brunstetter, painter and printmaker, December 2013

"I exhibited my original oil paintings at Shaw Galleries as a solo show. The gallery personnel were a big help and professional."

- Fritz Keck, painter, 2015

"It was an interesting experience to be in the gallery... [It is] an attraction for our city...We enjoyed putting Ruth Levine's work on view for the world to see." 

- Adrienne Heinrich and Pat Sheahan, 2014

"It was a very enriching experience to work with [Kurt Shaw]...I learned so much."

- Sophia Kayafas, painter, 2012

"My exhibition at Shaw Galleries was a wonderful experience. Everyone there was very helpful, professional and did a lot to promote my exhibition. I would definitely exhibit my art there again sometime in the future."

- Seth McClaine, painter, 2015

Past Exhibits

“Joan Milsom: The Long Span”
“Mo Knows Pittsburgh: The Photojournalism of Morris Berman”
“Zarah Blair: Cork Factory Drawings”
"Gwen Cates: Vineyard Paintings"
“Forgotten Witness: The Long Lost Photographs of Pittsburgh Press photographer Alan F. Reiland (1927-96)”
"BEAUTY - STRENGTH - REFLECTION: Five Perspectives on the Female Form"
"Varuzhan Yepremyan: Love In Bloom"
"Joe Winkler: Select Oil Paintings"
“Ms. N. Link: The Drag Queen Photographs of Donald Rager”
"Marina Mozhayeva: Interpretations"
"Victoria Lavorini: Animalis"
"Melissa Kuntz: New Drawings"
"Alexander Wolf Weinstein: 21st Century Abstracts"
"Courtney Koslof: Fragility"
"Sophia Kayafas: Progression"
"Sharon Lyn Stackpole: Uncharted Territories"
"Christopher Caffee: The Color of Life"
"Jacqueline Inks: Facets of Jinks"
"Katie Mackowick: Paper Gestalt"
"Nichole Sinicrope and Frank Sanns: Moments in Time"
"Maura Doern Danko: Small Paintings"
"Carolyn Wenning: New Drawings"
"Tommy Edward Douglas: Oddities"
"Diane Grguras: Summer/Fall"
"David Biber: Recent Works"
"Brett Thomas Herron: Retroactive Reprography"
"Jimmy Taaffe: Pittsburgh After Dark"
"Keith Stromp: The T.E.W.E.L."
"Robyn Troetschel: Inspirations & Reflections"
"Darrell Kinsel: Paintings & Prints"
"Steven Bradley: A View From Inside"
"Deborah Baugh: Discovering Realities"
"Paul McMillan: Luminous Realism"
"Nancy McSwiney: Debut"
"Don Woods: All Things Bright and Beautiful"
"Diane Grguras: Gettysburg Landscapes"
"Joel Pace: Drawings"
"Bradley Brunstetter: Impressions Of A Dream"
"Christopher Boring: Along The Path"
"Ruth Levine: Radiant Life"
"Jerry Cajko: Atmosphera"
"SINCRONIA: 6 artists from Venezuela"
"Light from the Furnace"
"Fritz Keck: New Works, Old Pittsburgh"
"Seth McClaine: Landscapes and Cityscapes of Western Pennsylvania"
"Sasha and Tatiana Williams: Light and Shadow"
"Katya Vadim Greco: Garden of Joy"
"Ashley Garner: FLUX"
"Mimi Lipczer Lerner: Portraits and Cubist Paintings"
"Christie Biber: A Print Retrospective"  
"Darcy Tomayko: Art For The Generations"
             Cynthia Cable's "Stromboli Land: County Fairs"  
"Krystina Thomas: Peeping Perceptions"
Diana Loll's "House Cats: Exploration of the Familiar and Feline"
"A Monk's Numiosum: The Spiritual and Surreal Works of Father Robert Keffer, OSB"