"A Sea Port" by Claude Lorrain

"A Sea Port" by Claude Lorrain

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"A Sea Port, with a Strong Setting Sun, and Many Figures on the Shore", 1825, Claude Lorrain

Claude Lorrain (d. 1682) was a French landscape artist. He was instructed in art by his brother, and later traveled to Italy to work in the studio of Agostino Tassi, then a famous history painter, from 1622 to 1625. He traveled throughout Italy, Bavaria and France for a period of time, sketching plen air as he went, and eventually set up shop again in Italy. As his popularity grew, he received commissions from nobles, royalty and other leaders, including Pope Innocent X. He remained a popular and sought-after artist until his death.

He was one of the primary figures to inspire the Romanticist movement in the 19th century, and is - to this day - regarded as one of the greatest landscape painters in history. The Claudian mode of landscape painting is named in his honor and derives from his own unique style, exemplified in this stunning lithograph.

This lithograph, in fact, is produced at the beginning of the Romantic era during which Lorrain's popularity was elevated to legendary heights. Engraved by William Say in some of the finest recreations of Lorrain's works, we see the Renaissance artist's framing techniques, soft use of lighting, and accurate depictions of depth create an idyllic pastoral landscape. Because landscape painting was frowned upon in the 16th century, the image is that of an ancient seaport to place it in the category of historic painting.  

- Onastasia Youssef

Plate size: 8.5" x 11.25"

Sheet size: 11.25"x 18" 

Condition: In excellent condition

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