Chain of Command by Shusaka Arakawa

Chain of Command by Shusaka Arakawa

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Chain of Command, 1977, Shusaka Arakawa

Shusaka Arakawa (1936-2010) was a Japanese artist. A close friend of legendary artist Marcel Duchamp and the husband of Madeline Gins, he was also an influential member of the Japanese avant-garde movement, including the Neo-Dadaists, in the 1970s. Arakawa studied art, math and medicine during his lifetime and this is reflected in his artwork. Many of his works are regarded as philosophical puzzles that draw from his mathematics background, a marriage of his two biggest interests.

The combination of geometric shapes and simple written text in the lithograph Chain of Command from art magazine Derriere Le Miroir No. 223 is a prime example of such a puzzle. Here, two cylinders made up of different colors stand opposite one another, but are joined only by the precise lines that stretch from one to another. Below, the words "to love to think to name" encourages the viewer to contemplate the connection - or perhaps disconnection - between objective human emotional processes and factual mathematical principles of the universe.

- Onastasia Youssef

Sheet size: 15" x 22" 

Condition: In excellent condition, with center fold as issued

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