Design for a Small Villa by Tarbuck, circa 1860
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Design for a Small Villa by Tarbuck, circa 1860

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Design for a Small Villa by Edward Lance Tarbuck, engraved by Albert Herbert Payne, circa 1860.

This plate contains the front facade and ground floor plan for a small villa. While the term villa has been used to describe a variety of house types throughout the centuries, it is being used here to describe a suburban residence.  The facade is symmetrical and the center element on each floor is slightly more decorative than its flanking counterparts. In the floor plan we see the standard domestic spaces found in a nineteenth century middle class home. The front rooms are the dining room and the drawing room which were the public or social rooms of the house. After supper the ladies would remove to the drawing room and the men would rejoin them later. Since the drawing room was main receiving room for visitors it was usually the finest room in the house. The back of the house contained the kitchen and the other areas associated with food preparation, such as the pantry. Since this section of the home served only a functional purpose it was plainer in appearance and generally smaller than the front rooms. 

Edward Lance Tarbuck (1828-1906) was an architect and surveyor. He occasionally worked as an assistant to Sir Charles Barry and Sydney Smirke. In addition to his work as an architect Tarbuck wrote several works on architecture, such as The Builder's Practical Director, or Buildings of All Classes (1855). He also edited The Encyclopaedia of Practical Carpentry and Joinery which was published from 1854 to 1860, which is the publication this print was in. Albert Herbert Payne (1812-1902) was a steel engraver and painter who spent most of his career working in Leipzig, Germany. 

- Naomi Bean

Plate size: 10" x 5"
Sheet size: 10.75" x 8.5"
Condition: Fine antiquarian condition.