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East Deer, Springdale, Indiana, Harmar and O'Hara, 1876, Hopkins

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East Deer, Springdale, Indiana, Harmar and O'Hara 

This map is a steel plate engraving dating to 1876 by the prominent American mapmaker G.M. Hopkins.  On one side, East Deer Township and Springdale Borough are depicted.  Springdale is the birthplace of Rachel Carson, a marine biologist and conservationist whose 1962 book, Silent Spring, influenced the modern environmentalism movement.  Her childhood home is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  On the reverse side, Indiana, Harmar and O'Hara Townships are portrayed.  Indiana Township was named for the Indiana Territory, which was in existence from 1800 to 1816.  This territory was incorporated from the Northwest Territory, and was divided until the southern portion became the state of Indiana.  Harmar Township was named after Harmar Denny, a businessman and member of the U.S. House of Representatives for the state of Pennsylvania.  O'Hara Township was named for James O'Hara, a military officer and early captain of industry in Pittsburgh.

This stunning map has original hand coloring in shades of yellow, blue and pink.  This particular map comes from Hopkins' Atlas of the County of Allegheny, Pennsylvania.  This original antique map is single paged, as issued.  Published by G.M. Hopkins at 320 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, in 1876.

- Jenna Hovis

Plate size: 12.75" x 15.75"

Condition: Some foxing, great condition otherwise