Map of Germany, 1807, Blomfield

Map of Germany, 1807, Blomfield

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Germany: From the Best Authorities, 1807, Blomfield

What we think of today as modern-day Germany did not exist in the early 19th century. Instead, a conglomerate of Germanic states, dominated by the Kingdom of Prussia, formed the Confederation of the Rhine. The most significant event in 1807 when this map was created was the birth of the Kingdom of Westphalia. A perfect example of the tumultuous times, Westphalia was created as a model government and dissolved almost as quickly as it appeared.

This new German state of almost three million citizens was made up of former Prussian territories that included Hanover, Wolfenbuttel, Magdeburg, and others. The German states viewed France as the epitome of philosophy, politics and culture, and modeled the new kingdom after the Napoleonic system. It emphasized religious freedom, constitutional monarchy, and a capitalistic economy. Its constitution was the very first in the history of the Germanic region. Despite its relative prosperity, Russians conquered the short-lived kingdom only six years later.

Engraved by Barlow for Rev. E. Blomfield's A General View of the World. Published in London in 1807 by C. Brightly and J. Kennersley.

- Onastasia Youssef

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