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Hopkins' Map of Scott and Snowden,1876

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Scott and Snowden, 1876

This hand colored map is a steel plate engraving dating to 1876 by the prominent American mapmaker G.M. Hopkins.  On one side, it depicts Scott Township, located along Chartiers Creek.  An insert of Homestead is also included, located along the Monongahela River.  The area saw the first settlers around 1770 and one hundred years later, the farmlands were purchased, laid out in lots and sold by local banks and landowners to create the town of Homestead.  It was chartered in 1880.  Homestead was a steel town, and as such, Andrew Carnegie bought out Homestead Steel Works in 1883.  The town came under international notice in July of 1892 when steel workers and Pinkerton guards clashed at what would later be known as the Homestead Strike.  Henry Clay Frick, manager for Andrew Carnegie, announced in the spring of 1892 that steel workers would receive a reduction in wages.  The union refused to renew their contract, leading Frick to lock the workers out of the steel works.  He hired the Pinkerton guards to arm the mill, and on July 6, the workers and the guards exchanged shots.  The governor of Pennsylvania eventually called in the National Guard to restore order to the town and steel mill.  On the reverse side, Snowden Township is depicted.  Snowden comprised parts of Jefferson and Saint Clair Townships in 1845, and was named after John Snowden, a businessman, politician, and former mayor of Pittsburgh.  In the 1930s, Allegheny County acquired several large parcels of farm land in Snowden and created a regional recreational center called South Park.  The success of the park prompted the township to be renamed "South Park" in 1966.  Scott and Snowden Townships were both constituents of Allegheny County, which was founded in 1788.  By 1800, the county's current borders were defined.

This stunning map has original hand coloring in shades of pink, green and yellow.  This particular map comes from Hopkins’ Atlas of the County of Allegheny, Pennsylvania.  This original antique map is single paged, as issued.  Published by G.M. Hopkins at 320 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, in 1876.

Jenna Hovis

Plate size: 13" x 15.5"

Sheet size: 14" x 17.25"

Condition: Some foxing, great condition otherwise

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