Isaku Yanaihara by Giacometti

Isaku Yanaihara by Giacometti

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Sketch of Isaku Yanaihara, 1961, Alberto Giacometti 

Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966) is a world-renowned Swiss artist. Giacometti is best known as a sculptor, and a member of the Surrealist movement. His thin existentialist structures are the result of his obsessive, continuous re-workings of his art. If he was not happy with the product, he would often throw away his works or simply abandon them. Scholars debate over the inspiration and influences of Giacometti's art. They typically focus on their relation to the aftermath of World War II, and have suggested that the emaciated sculptures are linked to images of the Holocaust. Giacometti may have indeed had such philosophical concepts in mind, but also cited the intimate and physical nature of the works. He often used his close family and friends as models, and envisioned the works as representations of mental states and personalities.

Isaku Yanaihara (1918-1989) was one of Giacometti's regular sitters, a Japanese philosopher, and the lover of the artist's wife. The Swiss sculptor met Yanaihara in 1955, and painted him many times from then until 1961. One of his favorite models, the two would often discuss philosophy during the modeling sessions that would often last up to ten hours. The friendship between Giacometti and Yanaihara is often credited with the further development of symbolism in his artwork. He sought more and more to create his impression of the soul and mind of the Japanese thinker rather than simply an experimental or realistic portrayal. This lithograph, a sketch of Yanaihara, was created as a part of a series for Derriere Le Miroir. The loose but purposeful lines swiftly capture the friendly demeanor and intelligent spark that Giacometti saw in the model rather than resembling his true physical attributes. A beautifully rendered lithograph, it is also one of the last works that Yanaihara sat for.

- Onastasia Youssef

Sheet size: 15" x 11"

Condition: In excellent condition

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