La Blonde by Andre Minaux

La Blonde by Andre Minaux

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La Blonde, 1967, Andre Minaux

Andre Minaux (1923-1986) was a famous 20th-century Parisian painter and lithographer. Throughout the 1940s, he was part of a group of artists called the Homme temoin and exhibited in Paris. As his international acclaim slowly grew, he was collected in renowned art museums, including the Tate and MoMA in the 1950s. His art - though focused on simple subjects, such as women, landscapes and still life - were focused on social realism and issues of the time. In 1967, he created La Pilule, a painting of a nude that tackled the then-controversial subject of birth control. He was well-loved for his positive outlook and humorous approach to art that is imbued in his works. He was a prolific artist, creating hundreds of lithographs and paintings during his lifetime.

La Blonde is a stunning example from Minaux's portfolio. Here, he simplifies the female figure into soft curved shapes and color forms. The interior is further abstracted into vague, organic fragments, designated only by their different colors. The palette is cool and relaxed, demonstrating his love for pastels. His portrayal of women is unique. Rather than being simply objectified, his figures face the audience's gaze as if challenging them. Even so, her eyes are hollowed out spaces, an endless black abyss void of identity.  

- Onastasia Youssef
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