Map of Asia, 1850, Mitchell and Cowperthwait

Map of Asia, 1850, Mitchell and Cowperthwait

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Map of Asia, 1850, Mitchell and Cowperthwait

The latter half of 1850 marked the beginning of tumultuous times for China. Hong Xiuquan declared a new dynasty in rebellion of the ruling Qing dynasty, contributing to the spark the Taiping Rebellion beginning in January of 1851. On the other side of Asia, important establishments were taking foothold within Asia, including the establishment of Erivan Governorate by Russia in what is now central Armenia, the Iğdır Province in Turkey, and the Nakhchivan enclave in Azerbaijan. The Erivan Governorate was the only subdivision of the Russian Empire in which the majority of the population consisted of Armenians; the Armenians had hoped for an autonomous Armenia within the Russian Empire, however Russia had different plans, incorporating it into its centralized empire, further diminishing hope of autonomy when Russia formed the Erivan Governate in 1850.

Samuel Augustus Mitchell (1792-1868) turned his attention to mapmaking in the 1830s, due to his dissatisfaction with available school maps. He developed a map publishing business that would make him and later his son the most prominent American map publishers of the nineteenth century. By collaborating with prominent mapmakers and engravers of the day, such as James H. Young and Henry S. Tanner, Mitchell ensured that the maps he published were of the highest quality. During the 1850s, he partnered with Thomas, Cowperthwait, & Company to publish his A New Universal Atlas and his General Atlas. In 1860, his son Samuel Augustus, Jr, joined the company and he ensured that the Mitchell name remained an important one well into the 1880s.

Thomas, Cowperthwait, and Company was founded sometime in the early 1800s by Joseph Thomas and Hulings Cowperthwait. It operated under this name until 1853. The following year the company name changed to Cowperthwait, Desilver, and Butler. However, this configuration only lasted for about a year, before it became H. Cowperthwait & Company in 1856. After 1860, it appears the company experienced several more alterations, before ceasing publication at the end of the century.
- Ashe Nicholson

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