Map of Asia, c. 1827, Hall

Map of Asia, c. 1827, Hall

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Asia, c. 1827, Hall

The Asian continent is made up of South Asia, East Asia and a section of the Middle East. In the first half of the 19th century, many of these glorious kingdoms are prospering. However, colonial influence concerns, and for some weakens, nations as European imperialism begins to take hold.

In China, the Qing Dynasty ruled over a wealthy nation. The Chinese Empire, as seen on this map, controlled most of the continent. However, as the British East India Company demanded greater influence and power in trade with China and rebellions broke out across the nation, the emperor and other elites were unsure how to cope as the traditional economic and political system began to unravel. In the Middle East, the Ottoman Empire suffered from almost constant war with European powers, who backed rebellions in order to gain greater power in the region. The Qajar Dynasty of Persia also fought and lost to Russia from 1826-28. Japan is one of the only nations able to maintain their isolationist policies, or sakoku, as leaders were rightfully suspicious of trade with Europe, fearing the loss of their nation, both culturally and politically.

This beautiful hand-colored map was created circa 1827. It is engraved by Sidney Hall and was published in London by the printing company Longman & Co. 

- Onastasia Youssef 

Sheet size: 10.75" x 8.25"

Condition: In excellent condition 

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