Map of Oceania, c. 1860, Fullarton

Map of Oceania, c. 1860, Fullarton

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Oceania or Islands in the Pacific Ocean, on Mercators Projection, Comprising Polynesia, Malaysia and Australasia, c.1860, Fullarton

Oceania is the region in the Pacific that is made up of various islands. Polynesia is a cultural region that stretches as far south as New Zealand, as far north as Hawaii and east to Easter Island. While Malaysia is not seen on this map, the archipelago of islands seen here was regarded as the Malay Archipelago in the 19th century as Europeans assumed that it was Malaysian ethnic and cultural groups that populated this region. Australasia here refers to the grouping of Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea.

Major nations in the Oceanic region were New Zealand and Australia, both colonies of the British Empire at this time. In colonial Australia, the 1860s was the decade of bushrangers and the gold rush. The prosperity of the gold rush encouraged immigrants from around the world to move to Australian shores. However, European colonists were often xenophobic due to their jealousy of the success of hard-working and organized Chinese miners. This led to the violent Lambing Flat riots in New South Wales from 1860 to 1861. In the most shocking and violent of the disturbances at the Burrangong Goldfield, European miners forcefully removed the Chinese workers from the goldfield and destroyed their tents. These riots were ultimately unsuccessful as treaties between Britain and China protected the rights of Chinese in the colonies.

This stunning antique map is taken from the Royal Illustrated Atlas created circa 1860. Archibald Fullarton & Co, a prolific printing company from Glasgow, Scotland, is the publisher. The Royal Illustrated Atlas was one of the last atlases in the world to include decorative vignettes.

- Onastasia Youssef

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