Map of Central Europe, c. 1860, Fullarton

Map of Central Europe, c. 1860, Fullarton

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Central Europe with the Railways, c.1860, Fullarton

Central Europe was dominated at this time by monarchies led by rulers that were equally ambitious and foolish. As nationalist feelings stirred revolution, these imperialists attempted to maintain their control in a time of great transition. War, industrialization, and an ongoing struggle for ethnic and religious rights spread fast across the continent.

In the Austrian Empire, Franz Joseph I was an absolutist monarch who kept a tight grip on the nation. He had no patience for any disagreement or dissent, particularly from the Hungarians and Italians, whose land he dominated. Although he and the Minister of Interior Baron Alexander von Bach increased their military might in order to suppress revolution, an assassination attempt was made on the king in 1855. By 1860, continuing ethnic conflict in Hungary and war in Italy threatened the Austrian Empire.

One of the major European powers, the Second Empire of France was a force to be reckoned with, but it too was on shaky ground at the beginning of the 1860s. Power-hungry Emperor Napoleon III ensured that France's influence stretched across the globe. Whether wars broke out in Europe or conflict beckoned abroad, there was nothing that would stop the French. In this year, the nation's soldiers were simultaneously involved in conflicts in Mexico, Syria, and China, trying their best to defend their colonial interests.

This stunning antique map is taken from the Royal Illustrated Atlas created circa 1860. Archibald Fullarton & Co, a prolific printing company from Glasgow, Scotland, is the publisher. J. Bartholomew was the engraver. The Royal Illustrated Atlas was one of the last atlases in the world to include decorative vignettes.

- Onastasia Youssef 

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