Map of Chili, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay, 1860, Mitchell

Map of Chili, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay, 1860, Mitchell

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In 1860, the Liberal Party took advantage of the decline of Brazil’s Conservative Party with a strong return to politics. With this return the political party delivered a devastating blow to the government through a successful acquirement of several seats within the Chamber of Deputies. After this victory, many moderates from the Conservative Party defected to the liberal party, leading the way to the formation of what would come to be known as the Progressive League. The Conservative party’s representatives, recognizing their power within the government was declining, stepped down from Parliament, and were replaced by a Progressive cabinet appointed by Pedro II in 1862.  

Samuel Augustus Mitchell (1792-1868) turned his attention to mapmaking in the 1830s, due to his dissatisfaction with available school maps. He developed a map publishing business that would make him and later his son the most prominent American map publishers of the nineteenth century. By collaborating with prominent mapmakers and engravers of the day, such as James H. Young and Henry S. Tanner, Mitchell ensured that the maps he published were of the highest quality. During the 1850s, he partnered with Thomas, Cowperthwait, & Company to publish his A New Universal Atlas and his General Atlas. In 1860, his son Samuel Augustus, Jr, joined the company and he ensured that the Mitchell name remained an important one well into the 1880s.

 -  Ashe Nicholson 

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