Map of Palestine, 1864, Chambers

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Map of Palestine, 1864, Chambers

In the year of 1864, Palestine was still a part of Ottoman Syria, experiencing effects from the ongoing Tanzimat reforms. The reforms included the Vilayet law passed in 1864, which for standard provincial administration throughout the empire, transforming eyalets into vilayets. The vilayets were the provinces; each vilayet was divided into smaller units (Sanjaks). Sanjaks had a city center, but also contained smaller administrative unit, or kazas. The original purpose of kazas was to designate areas of jurisdiction for individual Shari’a courts. Kazas could be organized and reorganized at the discretion of the administration. Nahiyes (village clusters) and karyes (villages) could be moved around between kazas with ease. Each vilayet was governed by a vali, appointed by the imperial Porte. Each of the new provincial assemblies participated within the Ottoman administration.

Inspired by the Brockhaus Enzyklopadie, the Chambers Encyclopaedia was first published in 1859. It has been regarded as one of the most well-written and researched collections of the century. It was praised for its accurate maps, and engaging articles on a variety of subjects from religion, literature, science and more. Its popularity was so great that later editions were published throughout the 20th century. This map was engraved by W.H. McFarlane and published by W. & R. Chambers.

- Ashe Nicholson

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