Map of Russia, 1855, Colton
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Map of Russia, 1855, Colton

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Map of Russia, 1855, Colton

1855 was a year of impending change, as in this Tsar Alexander II began his reign over Russia following the death of his father. His first year in power was dedicated to the prosecution of the Crimean War and peace negotiations after the fall of Sevastapol. After the Crimean War, it was clear that Russia was in need of reform: there was bribery and corruption everywhere, and the Crimean War had embarrassed and exhausted Russia. Luckily for the defeated nation, Alexander II was one of the more progressive Tsars. During his reign, he would go on to implement several social reforms, including educational, government, judiciary, military reform and the emancipation of over 23 million serfs.

This stunning map features original hand coloring in shades of orange, yellow, pink and green. This particular map comes from Colton’s Atlas of the World Illustrating Physical and Political Geography. Published by Johnson & Browning, 172 William St., New York in 1855.

- Ashley Nicholson 

Plate Size: 13" x 15.75"

Condition: In excellent condition 

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