Map of Switzerland, Colton, 1855
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Map of Switzerland, Colton, 1855

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This original antique map is a steel plate engraving dating to 1855 by the prominent mapmaker Joseph Hutchins Colton. This map of Switzerland is color coded according to various territorial districts within the country. Colton has included a great amount of detail on this map with representations of various cities, towns, villages, railroads, canals, rivers, mountain passes, as well as some topographical detail. In the year this map was published, a devastating earthquake occurred in Switzerland in the area of Visp, a district in the southwestern region of the country. Earthquakes are a major part of the history of Switzerland, with 500 to 800 earthquakes occurring every year. A destructive earthquake with a level at 6 or higher on the Richter scale, such as the one in Visp in 1855, can be expected to occur every fifty to one hundred years.

Plate size: 15 ¾”x 12 ¾”

Condition: Excellent 

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