Map of Territory of Montana, Mitchell, 1880

Map of Territory of Montana, Mitchell, 1880

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Map of Territory of Montana, Mitchell, 1880

The territory of Montana was aided in its growth by the building of infrastructure in the region. Most significant was the role of railroads. The first one to cross through Montana was part of Union Pacific. The line, known as the Utah and Northern, arrived in 1880. The Northern Pacific Railroad and others continued to expand throughout the 1880s. Not only did easier travel encourage greater settlement, but land speculators offered credit to those settling West and enticed them with the opportunity to have a prospering business set up next to the new railroads. Thanks to such growth, Montana achieved statehood a few years later in 1889.

Samuel Augustus Mitchell (1792-1868) turned his attention to mapmaking in the 1830s due to his dissatisfaction with available school maps. He developed a map publishing business that would make him and later his son the most prominent American map publishers of the nineteenth century. This map was published in Mitchell's New General Atlas, which replaced the earlier New Universal Atlas.
- Onastasia Youssef

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