Original watercolor by Paul Lewis Hendricks

Original watercolor by Paul Lewis Hendricks

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Untitled watercolor, 1938, Paul Lewis Hendricks

Born at the turn of the 20th century in Ohio, Paul Lewis Hendricks (1904-1956) was an American landscape artist. He trained at the Corcoran Gallery of Fine Arts as a commercial artist. He also studied art at the Abbott School of Fine Arts. Hendricks later worked as a curator at the Butler Art Institute. His works have been displayed in museums all across the country, including the Cleveland Museum of Art and Cincinnati Art Museum in his home state.

In this excellent watercolor, Hendricks - a lifelong member of the Methodist church - paints a church building in an autumn landscape. The Depression-era watercolor focuses on the timeless beauty of nature that could be found in America's small towns even in the most difficult of times. It is an image of hope as light illuminates the fiery trees and bathes the fluffy clouds on the horizon in a purple glow.

- Onastasia Youssef

Size: 19.75" x 24"

Condition: Small tear at top, but otherwise in very good condition 

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