Perry Township, 1872, Hopkins
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Perry Township, 1872, Hopkins

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Perry Township

This map is a steel plate engraving dating to 1872 by the prominent American mapmaker G.M. Hopkins.  It depicts Perry Township, which is part of Lawrence County.  It was one of the original townships of the county and is bordered by the Slippery Rock Creek.  The area is known for its wealth of natural resources, including coal, timber, oil, iron ore and limestone.  The township's economy was based on the production of these natural goods.  Matthew Murray was the first settler in the area in 1796, and the following years showed a great increase in population in the township.  Lawrence County has a long history leading up to its formation.  When people started settling in the area of Lawrence County, it was part of Allegheny County.  On March 12, 1800, two new counties were formed from part of Allegheny: Beaver and Mercer.  It took several years for a new county to be approved, but Lawrence County was eventually formed from parts of Beaver and Mercer Counties in 1849 due to the rapid growth of New Castle.  The county was named after Captain James Lawrence, a naval officer during the War of 1812 who did not "give up the ship."

This stunning map has original hand coloring in shades of pink, yellow and green.  This particular map comes from Hopkins' Atlas of the County of Lawrence and the State of Pennsylvania.  The map is single paged, and was published by G.M. Hopkins at 320 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, in 1872.

- Jenna Hovis

Plate size: 12.50" x 14.25"

Condition: Some foxing, great condition otherwise