Map of Persia, 1840, Hall

Map of Persia, 1840, Hall

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Persia, 1840, Hall

Dowlat-e Elliye ye Iran, or, in English, the Sublime State of Persia - this is the official title of an empire known in the West simply as Persia. A vast kingdom that stretched across the Middle East, it was ruled by the Qajar Dynasty that had been in power since the 18th century.

The empire's greatest enemy was its northern neighbor, Russia, who attempted to take their land at the dawn of the 1800s. Two massive wars with the Russians - the first from 1804 to 1813 and the second from 1826 to 1828 - devastated Persia. They lost numerous territories across this thirty-year period, including Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Enmity also grew between the British and Persians as the Shah attempted to capture the city of Herat in Afghanistan. The Afghans sought the help of the British, who obliged. In 1838, Mohammad Shah Qajar attempted to gain the aid of the French in his conquest, but was solidly defeated by the combined Anglo-Afghan forces.

Unable to resist the power of Britain, the Shah - sickly and exhausted - concluded that the only way to survive in the new world order was to modernize. Between 1838 and 1848, the Shah's final years were focused on the modernization of Persia with the help of the now-ally Russia. Although the introduction of the latest scientific and technological developments (including photography) revolutionized life in Persia and even maritime slave trade was banned, this increasing influence of colonial power is seen as the beginning of the decline for the Qajar Dynasty. 

Designed by Sidney Hall for A New General Atlas, with the Divisions and Boundaries. Published in 1850 in London. 

- Onastasia Youssef

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