Switzerland, 1850, Mitchell and Cowperthwait

Switzerland, 1850, Mitchell and Cowperthwait

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This hand-colored atlas map is a steel plate engraving created circa 1850 by American mapmaker Samuel Augustus Mitchell. With many different local and regional currency systems in existence throughout Switzerland up to the mid-19th century, the process of exchange was very chaotic and complicated. Therefore, in 1850, the Swiss Federal Coinage Act was enacted in order to establish a uniform currency throughout the regions of Switzerland. With this reform of the monetary system, minting began to occur in the surrounding nations of France and Belgium, until the Swiss capital of Bern took control of the process a few years later. This currency of Swiss Francs still remains in circulation today. 

This original antique map is single paged, as issued, with a plate size of 12" x 10". Published by Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co.
- Mackenzie Pleskovic

Plate size: 12" x 10"

Condition: Some foxing, but otherwise in excellent condition