Map of Switzerland, c. 1860, Fullarton

Map of Switzerland, c. 1860, Fullarton

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Switzerland, c.1860, Fullarton

After a civil war in Switzerland in the 1840s, this northern European country drew up a constitution in 1848. The stability created by the federal constitution resulted in improvements in all domestic spheres from politics to economics to religion. The 1860s was a decade of steady change. Industrialization continued to grow in the cities, although Switzerland remained primarily a nation of agriculture. The decade is also noteworthy as great strides were amongst the Jewish population that paved the way for full equality in 1876. For example, in 1862, the Jewish organization Israelitische Kultusverein was created and still exists to this day. In 1865, construction was built for a community cemetery, now known as the Friedhof Unterer Friesenberg, located in the Swiss capital of Zurich.

In this map, the natural beauty of the Swiss landscape is celebrated. The upper-left corner even features a small section entitled "Names and Heights of Principal Mountains & Peaks". The detail is gorgeous in its texture and also demonstrates great understanding of the landscape. Lakes and mountains are hand-colored in icy blues and greens, evoking the breathtaking Alps that Switzerland is known for.

This stunning antique map is taken from the Royal Illustrated Atlas created circa 1860. Archibald Fullarton & Co, a prolific printing company from Glasgow, Scotland, is the publisher. George Heriot Swanston, a cartographer regularly hired by the publisher, was the engraver. The Royal Illustrated Atlas was one of the last atlases in the world to include decorative vignettes.

- Onastasia Youssef 

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