"The Manuscript" after Charles Robert Leslie

"The Manuscript" after Charles Robert Leslie

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"The Manuscript", 1838, Charles Robert Leslie

Charles Robert Leslie (1794-1859) was fascinated by art and the theater from a young age as a boy in Philadelphia. Although born in London, England, his parents were American and he was raised in the United States until he was sent to Europe to study art and cultivate his talent in painting. In 1811, he joined the Royal Academy as a student, and rubbed elbows with famous artists, including Benjamin West, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and even American author Washington Irving. He continued his career as an artist and academician, including a short stint as a drawing professor at West Point in New York during the 1830s.

The highly stylized cabinet paintings of Leslie are primarily illustrations of significant literary works, including that of Jonathan Swift and William Shakespeare. Always an ambitious young man with a flair for the dramatic, he would settle for no lesser subject. The paintings he created were skillfully composed, softly colored and peopled by lovely men and women with gorgeous and expressive faces. In "The Manuscript," two graceful figures examine a manuscript, and - even in a monochrome engraving by W.H. Watt - the image is a lively one.

- Onastasia Youssef

Plate size: 14" x 10" 

Sheet size: 19" x 14.25"

Condition: Age toning and some minor tears along the edges of the sheet, but otherwise in very good condition 

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