Young Horses and Ponies
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Young Horses and Ponies

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Young Horses and Ponies

Horses and ponies are members of the subspecies Equus ferus caballus. They are strong single toed, or hooved, mammals. They have an excellent sense of balance and a keen fight or flight reflex, which may have contributed to its developing the ability to sleep either lying down or standing up. They are also precocial, meaning that they can walk and run shortly after being born. 

Size is measured in hands (one hand equals four inches) to the withers and varies according to breed. In general pony breeds are those which measure less than 14.2 hands, or 58 inches, at maturity. Nutrition also plays a role in height so it is possible for horses to be pony sized and vice versa. Therefore phenotypes are used to further distinguish horses from ponies. Horses have proportionately longer legs and a more slender build. Ponies also have thicker manes, tails and coats. 

The gestation period is eleven months and a newborn horse is called a foal. Yearling is the term used when the horse is one to two years old. After that horses are differentiated by gender, as well as by age. Female horses are called fillies until they reach age four, when they are then referred to as mares. Colts are males horses who are less than four years of age and stallions are fours years old or more. However castrated male horses of any age are called geldings. 

All members of caballus are considered to be domesticated, because even those living wildly can be traced to a domesticated ancestor. Since around 4000 BC, humans have used horses and ponies for a number of different tasks and occupations. Selective breeding has long been used to produce breeds with certain desired characteristics. Horses are often organized into three categories based on temperament, with each type being better suited for particular tasks. Hot bloods are best when speed and endurance are desired, while cold bloods make better work horses. Warmbloods are cross breeds and are often used for riding particularly in Europe. 

- Naomi Bean

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